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2020 Family Camp

Previous years activities: cookout camp fire meals , stargazing, shooting pellet guns-black powder, carving, arts crafts, swimming, family river trips, fishing, women's time and activities, relaxation, costume night, RC cars, night glow evening(including night kickball), water-slide, hiking, great meals, bounce-house, build relationships, lots of activities for all ages, come as individuals leave  as family. We do our best to pamper you for a week.

Note: All events are at no charge to the participants and included in each event our meals, lodging, supplies and travel cost with $25.00 food limit voucher per travel (money will be reimbursed for food and travel with receipts in hand before your departure of HFH event).

This is a one week long camp with room for 6 CIV and their families.



2021 Late July - early Aug
5 Days

Camp Lackawanna

Email   570-869-1233